Banana Laffy Taffy
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Banana Laffy Taffy

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Go blissfully bananas with the incredibly delicious taste of Laffy Taffy Banana!
This soft and stretchy Laffy Taffy candy is filled with the most incredible taste of bananas. Super chewy and intensely flavourful, Laffy taffy is always sweetly satisfying!
Not only do you get the luscious tasting Taffy candy, but this retro candy also comes with a funny dad joke on each wrapper sure to entertain your tastebuds and fill your belly!
Making a grand entrance in the world of candy in the 1970s, this famous taffy has fed the likes of butterfly collars, funky platform shoes and perhaps fueled the free love movement. Made legendary by the King of candy himself, Willy Wonka!
Never monkey around with your candy cravings, feed your inner wild child with the deliciousness of the Laffy Taffy Banana!