Domestic Violence Awareness Purple Rose Studs
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Domestic Violence Awareness Purple Rose Studs

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💜 $10 from each pair of Domestic Violence Awareness Studs or Pin sold will be donated to Safe Shelter. 💜

Domestic violence rates across Canada have increased dramatically resulting in a higher demand for shelter services. Shelter Safe is an organization that provides housing and services to women and children across Canada.

Abuse is a repetitive pattern of behaviour cycling between apologetic and loving and abusive. There are many different forms of abuse which are often used in combination in order to maintain control over an intimate partner. Some forms are less noticeable, but are no less devastating. Types of abuse include physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, financial, technologically-facilitated and spiritual.

Abuse can happen to anyone regardless of socioeconomic background or education level and affects people of any age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or gender.

For more information about how to make a difference or to get help for yourself or a loved one, please visit

" is a project of Women’s Shelters Canada. Through our work, we address the continued and ongoing prevalence of violence against women in Canada. Donations go towards our work in addressing violence against women at a systemic and national level. As a national organization, we advocate for every woman in Canada to have access to comparable levels of services and protection no matter where she lives. We highlight the valuable work of women’s shelters and transition houses in responding to women and children 24/7. And we also engage in raising public awareness and creating opportunities for shelters to share best practices, which ultimately improves the experiences and lives of the women and children they serve. Check out the work we do here.

At Women’s Shelters Canada, we encourage people to support their local front-line VAW shelters. Our national shelter directory,, has recently added direct contact information for donation and volunteer inquiries to many listings, in addition to crisis contacts for women seeking safety.

Financial donations allow shelters to add resources where they are most needed. Top in-kind donation needs highlighted by shelters include local gift cards (for gas, groceries, phone, transit vouchers, etc.), new unopened hygiene products, new linens, and new clothes and outerwear for women and children.

Due to the pandemic, many shelters have faced restrictions in their capacity to accept second-hand clothing and furniture. This challenge, in addition to increased crisis needs and increased market prices, means that community donations of funds or new items means more now than ever. Thank you for supporting shelters who support women!"