Foamin' Fun Bath Kit
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Foamin' Fun Bath Kit

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Let your worries fizz away in the lush lather of this foamin' fun bath! Generously induced with the fresh scent of green apple essential oil, this luxury bath concoction is injected with a myriad of colors and is just what you need for that extra dose of upliftment


  • 1 x Bath Bomb: Crafted from the finest white kaolin clay, this bath bomb is infused with green apple and olive fruit oil (net weight: 113.39 g).
  • 1 x Bath Soak: Intermingled with lemon peel oil and lavender flower oil to promote deep relaxation and stress relief, these bath soaks are created from pure Epsom salts and the finest pink Himalayan and sea salt. (net weight: 250 g).
  • 1 x Bubble Bath Solution: With a base of the most naturally derived skin softener, glycerine, this bubble bath solution is infused with chamomile flower extracts that gently lift impurities, unclogs pores, and gives skin a boost of hydration (net weight: 236.5 ml

          HOW TO USE

          Step 1: Get the bath running and test the water. You know you’ve nailed it when the temperature feels just right! 

          Step 2: Empty the pouch of the bath soak and give it a good whirl.

          Step 3: Slowly pour in all of the bubble bath under running water.

          Step 4: Toss in the bath bomb and enjoy the show.

          Step 5: Give yourself a pat on the back for drawing the greatest bath of your life. Now get naked and get soaking!