Magical Unicorn Coloring Doll
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Magical Unicorn Coloring Doll

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This is how you bring a unicorn to life!
Oh, the excitement as the magic happens...The first strip of marker makes a swirl up the unicorn's horn. The unicorn's mane is suddenly awash with vivid color. The smile on her face as she plans out her next color is magic all on its own. 
The best part? The fun doesn't have to end. Machine wash and dry the unicorn cloth doll and start coloring all over again. 
Magical Unicorn Coloring Doll:

• White cotton with black stitching
• Approx. 4" x 7" size
• Washable markers included
• Self-esteem boosting activity
• Unique unicorn party favors, a perfect birthday thank you!
• Made for you in Guelph, ON