Bath-tox Bath Kit
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Bath-tox Bath Kit

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Treat your skin to a wholesome detox experience with purifying renditions from on a bath-tox. Customized to detox and purify skin, this must-have bath kit includes infusions of lemon and basil essential oils that work had to draw out deep seated impurities and leave your skin feeling amazing.


  • 1 x Bath Bomb (net weight: 113.39 g).
  • 1 x Bath Soak (net weight: 250 g).
  • 1 x Bubble Bath Solution (net weight: 236.5 ml)

          HOW TO USE

          Step 1: Get the bath running and test the water. You know you’ve nailed it when the temperature feels just right! 

          Step 2: Empty the pouch of the bath soak and give it a good whirl.

          Step 3: Slowly pour in all of the bubble bath under running water.

          Step 4: Toss in the bath bomb and enjoy the show.

          Step 5: Give yourself a pat on the back for drawing the greatest bath of your life. Now get naked and get soaking!