Salve our Souls CBD Salve
Salve our Souls CBD Salve
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Salve our Souls CBD Salve

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CBD is a natural pain relief extract from hemp (or marijuana) it does not give any psychoactivity meaning will not make you "high" or any form of mental haze.

This product uses 100% pure CBD isolate distilled from a Canadian lab. It has been third party tested for quality and purity. This salve is ideal for physical pain including but not limited to pulled muscles, fibromyalgia, arthritis, broken/sprained joints, growing pains, migraines and menstrual cramping.

The salve contains 200mg of pure CBD isolate and has 100 applications or more depending on the size of the area in pain.

Ingredients: coconut oil, CBD isolate, unrefined beeswax, essential oil

Directions: Rub a dime size amount on a painful area and rub thoroughly