Spring Clean Stovetop Potpourri
Spring Clean Stovetop Potpourri
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Spring Clean Stovetop Potpourri

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Stove top potpourri simmers have been around the kitchen for a long time and some might say are "Old Fashioned" but they are the perfect natural way to scent your home with multiple health benefits. These pre-packaged stove top simmers provide ease from shopping, recipe hunting and time, your friends and family will all be asking what smells so good in your home and won't want to leave


  • Spring Clean includes lemons, cinnamon, mint & thyme 
  • hand picked and dehydrated fruit and spices 
  • 100% natural
  • light, natural scent that fills your whole home 

Directions: In a small or medium pot fill most the way with water and pour in ingredients from bag. Simmer on low heat for several hours and enjoy! Replenish the water level when needed. When done turn off the stove, strain and save the simmer for 1-2 more uses.  Store in fridge

Not for food consumption.