Bri-TEA-Ish Famous People Tea Sampler
Bri-TEA-Ish Famous People Tea Sampler
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Bri-TEA-Ish Famous People Tea Sampler

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FredTea (Freddie)  Mercury, William ShakeSpearmint (Shakespeare) , Agatha ChrisTea (Christie),  Amy TeaHouse (Winehouse)

20 Limited Edition Wrapped Tea Bags. featuring some notable BriTEAns.

FredTea Mercury Bohemian Raspberry Tea Caffeine Free.   Rosechips, hibiscus, chamomile, rooibos, dried blueberry powder, dried raspberry powder, dried blackberry powder. 

Agatha ChrisTea Earl Grey. Black Tea, Oil of Bergamot.

ShakeSpearmint Spearmint, 

Amy TeaHouse Green Tea, Toasted Rice. 

"The best thing for tea since water" FredTea Mercury

Every book tells a story, at TeaBook, the books hold Tea, so every tea tells a tale. Each design has a limited edition artist rendered image depicting fun novelty names, containing the very best ingredients. 

Tea never expires, + neither will the memories when you share with tea lovers, friends or enjoy a cup yourself! 

At the Mom + Pip Shop we are stocked up with a wide variTEA of single flavour boxes + selections with a varitea of options in each box.  the Tea cubes are 100% recycled PET They are reusable, regiftable + recyclable. Check all the flavours currently in stock.