Turning Weather Moisturizing Soap
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Turning Weather Moisturizing Soap

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These wool sock inspired soaps are excellent for dry chapped skin, as our super conditioning soap recipe is made even more moisturizing with the addition of lanolin. 
Lanolin is a skin protecting wax, produced by sheep to condition and weatherproof their wool coats.  When the wool is collected and cleaned, the lanolin is removed and used in many topical applications (it’s the best nipple ointment for nursing moms!)
This soap has a beautiful neutral fragrance with notes of sweet hay, fresh air, chamomile and soft mint. It reminds me of being outside on a warm evening as the wind picks up and the weather starts to change.

Our soap recipe is cleansing while still being highly conditioning thanks to the inclusion of unrefined shea butter, and cocoa butter. 
The citric acid in our recipe reduces the formation of soap scum! 
As always, we only use phthalate and paraben free fragrances and our soaps are packaged in 100% biodegradable shrink film.
Handmade soaps will be happier and last longer if you use a draining soap dish to allow them to dry between uses.