Our Story

Our name comes from the 100 mile model, where you consume products primarily from your local area. This makes the store the epitome of shopping local.

When I was creating the concept for the store I wanted a way to stand out from the other handmade gift shops that were already operating. I was checking out another handmade shop, and purchased a bar of soap (I’m a sucker for yummy smelling soaps) I didn’t even think to check the label or anything, I liked the smell, so I bought it.

When I got home I was reading the label and noticed the soap was made in BC. While there is nothing wrong or bad with that, I thought why the heck is a local, handmade shop in Ontario selling soap from BC when there are so many talented soap makers right in our backyard.

That one bar of soap is the reason that our shop focuses on curating the best local, handmade businesses from within 161km.

Come in and check out all of the amazingly talented local artisans, who just may be your neighbour.

The 100 Mile Model - Map of Artisan Locations