Original Euroscrubby
Original Euroscrubby

Original Euroscrubby

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The worlds best multi-purpose scrubby! The Euroscrubby makes clean up fast and easy, plus it's safe for almost all surfaces. It's environmentally friendly and dishwasher safe. Approximately 5" x 6" 

Where to use your Euroscrubby:

  • Kittchen - non-stick pots and pans, glass/ceramic cook-tops, cookware, and even root vegetables!
  • Bathroom - porcelain, marble and tile, and glass shower doors.
  • Outdoors - garden tools, furniture, boats, and pools.

How to care for your Euroscrubby: Place in top rack of dishwasher or place in washing machine. Do not wash with delicate items, as your Euroscrubby will be fine, but your nice clothing might not make it. Think towels / old clothes.