Dark Red 3D Glitter French Tips Gel Press-on Nails
Dark Red 3D Glitter French Tips Gel Press-on Nails
Nails by Nancy

Dark Red 3D Glitter French Tips Gel Press-on Nails

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Say hello to your new gel nails! You're looking at a set of french tips on a pinky, slightly translucent base. The french tip is handpainted with a magnificent, dark red 3D glitter gel that gives off a brilliant sparkle under any direct light! All of the nails are topped off with some metallic silver stars.

Each set is carefully crafted with salon-quality gels to produce manicures that last up to 2-3 weeks per wear. These gel press-ones can be applied under 10 minutes with nail adhesive, and safely removed by soaking in warm, soapy water. But that’s not where it ends – they’re durable enough that you can save your favourite sets and reuse them in the future!

Nails by Nancy specializes in creating luxe, handcrafted gel press-ons designed to help you find comfort, confidence, and self-expression in your daily life.

A size small fits most on average. Additional sizing is subject to stock availability – sizes offered: XXS, XS, S, M, L)


10 gel press-on nails

1 nail adhesive glue

1 mini nail file

1 cuticle pusher

1 buffer block

1 alcohol wipe

1 set of instructions

And a mystery sticker!

Nails by Nancy started in 2020, driven by Nancy’s desire to share her favourite self-care hobby, and make use of her chemical engineering undergraduate degree to something do she actually liked. By combining engineering and artistry, Nancy developed and refined her signature crafting process to make over 1000 sets for clients across North America through Etsy.